White Paper:
Combatting Drive-By Downloads

Drive-by download attacks can be dated back to 2006. But they still continue to be one of the most effective ways to spread malware. Drive-by download attacks can be found on trusted websites and malware is delivered to the machine without the user clicking on a link or an advertisement. There has been an alarming rise in ransomware and it uses drive-by download as a main technique to deliver the malware. The Angler Exploit was a successful drive-by download campaign that infected domains spread across United States, Italy, Germany, Japan and India. Popular websistes such as Huffington Post were compromised.

Learn more about:
  • How Drive-by Download attacks work 
  • Why Drive-by Download attacks have been so successful 
  • Why existing security solutions won't work 
  • How Cyphort solves the problem with a next generation approach
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